The goat, the sofa and Mr. Swami by R Chandrasekar

published by Hachette India

Book Review: An Excerpt

First Published in Asian Age/ Deccan Chronicle


The Pakistani Premier’s (read Mian Musharaff) sudden decision to invite himself to a cricket match in India triggers uncertainty, panic and bureaucratic gamesmanship in New Delhi. Seemingly above such mundane concerns, India’s elderly Prime Minister, Motwani (referred as Old Man) devotes his time and attention to Scotch, late mornings, and item numbers from a choli girl (digitally altered ones), occasionally adding to the confusion with an arbitrary political pronouncement or an occasional burst of ill-humour on national television. His joint secretary, Swami has to often walk the tight rope, and tap on his resourceful ingenuity to keep the government in office and to avoid be transferred to the animal husbandry department in his home state or to a Mogadishu in Africa when he is in hot water with the Old Man.


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The Book Cover


Review by: Ahmed Faiyaz, a book lover, who wishes to spend most of his time sipping chai and taking long walks in quiet hill stations alternating it with lying in a hammock and reading all day. He is the author of the bestselling, Love, life & all that jazz… and Another Chance. His stories have appeared in Urban Shots, published by Grey Oak Publishers. He is also a guest reviewer of books for Asian Age/ Deccan ChronicleHelter Skelter India and The Tossed Salad.



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