Down the Road – Asian Age Review

Review of Down the Road by R Chandrasekar (Author of The Goat, the sofa & Mr. Swami)

The years we spend finishing school and then attending college are special ones. More than any other periods of our lives, these are the years that we recall with nostalgia, these are the years where the good times seemed never-ending, the years where tragedies and difficult times were easily banished, the years when the years ahead held no fears, only possibilities.

Writing about the campus years has become an important part of Indian fiction writing. Schools and colleges in India had (and have) a cast of characters: teachers, students and staff, and settings: classrooms, canteens, hostels and tea shops, that haven’t changed in decades. The dramas played out against these seemingly nondescript backdrops find expression in the stories brought together in Down the Road.
The 28 stories in this collection talk about loves and friendships lost and gained, student pranks and personal tragedies, inspiring teachers and horrible ones, hostels and classrooms, youngsters and those looking back to their campus years with nostalgia.


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