Review of Scammed – Confessions of a Confused Accountant

Scammed – Confessions of a Confused Accountant

by Anonymous

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Why would someone write a novel and not disclose his/her identity? Is the novel in question mired in controversies? These were the questions racing across my mind when I picked up “SCAMMED Confessions of a Confused Accountant” from the book-store. The novel tells the story of a man – Hitesh Shah – with swinging fortunes. Hitesh Shah works for an accounting and audit firm known as Smith & Donald as an Assistant Manager. He is gifted with honesty, hard-working nature and a temperament that doesn’t allow him to say no to any task given to him by his boss. Although he is the most hard working employees of the firm, he is never considered for either a promotion or a good pay-hike. To make matters worse, his parents have been pushing him to marry the girl they are going to select for him.

Suffice it to say that life is not all that rosy for the harried Hitesh Shah. He is a tortured soul both at office and home. Soon his fortunes are about to change in the manner nobody could predict. He lands in Vizag on an assignment to audit Supreme Motors plant owned by one Mr Reddy who operates out of Hyderabad. Mr. Reddy is a businessman and a film producer with strong political links. The protagonist’s honesty touches Mr. Reddy’s heart and soon he makes him an offer that Hitesh Shah cannot refuse.

From here on the story moves at breathtaking space. The rise of Hitesh Shah from a lowly Assistant Manager to the CEO of Super Cabs is the toast of the entire country. He is rich, famous, powerful and well-respected professional with his feet firmly on the ground. But somewhere along the way he has made powerful enemies who have been lurking around the corner to strike at the right moment. What follows is a thrilling tale of retribution and the near downfall of protagonist. The life is suddenly downhill for him with his lady love deserting him and the bosses turning up the heat.

But Hitesh Shah is made up of sterner stuff. He believes in never saying never. He vows to take the fight to the enemy camp. It is really interesting to read how he emerges smelling of roses in style. How he teaches his enemies a lesson and how he wins the love of a very innocent girl Payal.

“SCAMMED Confessions of a Confused Accountant” is a sure page turner. The plot has interesting ups and downs taking the reader on a roller-coaster ride. It is like a game of chess in which after every move the pendulum keeps swinging to and fro. Some readers may find it difficult to come to terms with the sudden turn around in the protagonist’s future. The troubles too begin when the reader is least expecting them. But this is where the strength of this novel lies. Take the reader by surprise without allowing him a chance to think what next now.

The verdict : “SCAMMED Confessions of a Confused Accountant is an exciting read for those who want to quicken their heart-beats after a hectic day at work.

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Down the Road – Review in Epic Magazine

Down the Road

Grey Oak Publishers

Rs 195


Down the Road, 28 Campus Tales By 16 Authors, published byGrey Oak Publishers, India, is a refreshing and pleasant read. Edited by Ahmed Faiyaz, author of two previous novels Love, Life and all That Jazz and Another Chance, and author Rohini Kejriwal, the book is a beautiful amalgamation of a variety of different flavours of writing. Written by a few first time authors, many still students living on campuses, the book effortlessly takes you back to the fun and formative years of school and college where life was primarily about friends, first crushes and yet some embarrassing and painful moments as well.

Ranging from best selling author Ira Trivedi’s forbidden love story “The Music Room”, which follows the innocent relationship between a spirited school cricket captain and the coy music teacher, to Ahmed Faiyaz’s humorous account of a British school master in “Reason”, all these stories have the ability to provide a momentary, yet polite, glimpse into the lives of their characters. Like each of us, they experience emotions such as the joy of love and togetherness, or the pain of loss and grief, and struggle with anxiety, guilt and homesickness.

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